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Velehentor | Vishudha Kali | Closing The Eternity - Ishopanishad

Velehentor | Vishudha Kali | Closing The Eternity - Ishopanishad

Droning Ritual Dark Ambient.
All tracks were recorded at live session back in December 2007. Here are no electric and synthetic sounds but natural acoustic instruments only. Activities: 3 dung chen, ting gzhang, lag rnga, drill bu, rkang gling, damaru, Tibetan singing bowls, physharmonium, bells & chimes. All music perfomed by 121 & Vishudha Kali (Andrei Bulin/Komarov). Throat singing & Shree Ishopanishad Divine Mantra chanting by Vishudha Kali. This album is dedicated to devotees of ancient times, explorers of the Eternity and of the reverse side of being. The people is coming & passing away, and life is too short, and the secret of Nature is still transcendent - impossible to be understood. Shree Ishopanishad Album was performed once as concert act.

1. The preparatory ritual 08:08
2. Ishopanishad 10:26
3. Conclusion 21:28

CD, special digipack, ltd. 976.
:Vegvísir music:

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