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Temnozor - Twilights at the Winter Funeral

Temnozor - Twilights at the Winter Funeral

Pagan Folk Black Metal.
Live at the Winter Funeral festival (Moscow 04.04.2009), 12 songs (4 of them from the new "Haunted Dreamscapes" album), captured on 4 professional cameras with 24-tracks pro-sound, remixed in the studio. This title includes DVD disc + CD disc (with the same songs in audio) in hardcover digibook with 28 pages with photos.

CD-1 Through The Eyes Of The Dead 3:12
CD-2 Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights 5:49
CD-3 Evilgods Ravens 5:10
CD-4 As The Night Slowly Fades 5:11
CD-5 Did-Dub-Snop 5:28
CD-6 Werwolf 5:12
CD-7 Where The Lazure Skies... 6:48
CD-8 Maslenitza 1:50
CD-9 Watch The Falcons Fly 4:38
CD-10 Sunwheels-Of-Solstice 5:54
CD-11 Proyerschreech 5:14
CD-12 Silent Be The Winds 5:44
DVD-1 Twilights at the Winter Funeral

DVD+CD, A5 digibook, ltd.
Stellar Winter Records
25 EUR