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Splendor Solis - ...letum - non omnia finit...

Splendor Solis - ...letum - non omnia finit...

Apocalyptic Folk.
Splendor Solis (lat. Shining of the Sun) mixes typical dark folk insruments, neoclassical compositional methods and early European musical heritage. Theirs lyrics are inspired by medieval European theology, apocalyptic symbolism, and also by theosophical doctrines and mystical branches of buddism. Splendor Solis' debut album is dedicated to the infinite reincarnation of soul of a man. The album has been created using acoustic instruments only. Music of Splendor Solis is nice, harmonious, not very intricate but melodious right along.
Exquisite gold-surfaced CD comes in hard crafted cardboard sleeve with 12-page booklet in semi-transparent vellum cover.

1 Ortus
2 Lux et Tenebrae
3 Stella
4 Miserere
5 Laudate Eum
6 Interum
7 Spes (et Gaudium)

CD, cardboard, ltd. 347.
:Vegvísir music:

11 EUR