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Soulcide - The Warshadows

Soulcide - The Warshadows

Raw Black Metal.
Cold and Raw Black Metal in vein of old Gorgoroth and Carpathian Forest. So long-waited after harsh debut… Black Metal orthodox from Palessie strickes with full-length. So dirty and raw... recording in professional studio just helped to create such ugly sound. Dedicated to the dead ghosts of War. Kill every christian, eat the hearts of the enemies.

1. The Warshadows 04:46
2. In Their Kingdom of the Damned 04:52
3. The Gosts of Genocide 03:31
4. Malleus Maleficarum 04:56
5. Beyond the Ancient Seas 04:24
6. Winterland 05:07
7. Sacrificial Lamb - The Golgotha 09:15

Possession Productions