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Selo Vatra - Ret-Sevrah

Selo Vatra - Ret-Sevrah

Dark Ambient / Tribal.
Selo Vatra continues to impress with their unique style and memorable expressions, Though this album is vastly different from their last, they have not lost the spark that caught fire to my imagination. Rather, they have taken an incredible model, maturing and shaping it into a cohesive three dimensional offering. I can’t say that I was surprised by this album, but even my high expectations were no match for what they presented. If you haven’t heard either one of these albums, you really are missing out. Highly recommended.

Track List:
01) The Gathering
02) Harvester
03) Spirits of the Forge
04) Morrigu’s Breath
05) Solace
06) Rel-Sevrah
07) Rain and Tears

CD, Noctivagant.
11 EUR