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Necro Stellar - Saturating Cemetery [LP]

Necro Stellar - Saturating Cemetery [LP]

Industrial | Darkwave | Dark Ambient.
The cult album of one of the oldest Russian gothic band. "Saturating Cemetery" is, in a sense, some kind of rarity and experiment in which wide spectrum of different instruments is presented, from Soviet synthesizers to percussions made of human bones. The stylistics varies from dark ambient and psychedelic rock to electro and cyber dark space. The mild synthetic beat that moves to dance rhythm, the classical contrast between low male vocal and ethereal female one. The occult mystic atmosphere gives the special dark mood to the album. Special vinyl mastering made by Necro Stellar's mistermind Yuri Zvezdniy. First time on vinyl.

LP limited to 250 copies:
- 350gsm jacket with 3 mm spine,
- enchanted layout,
- new audio master by Yuri Zvezdniy.

:Vegvisir Music:

14 EUR