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Navjarmaahr - The Fangs of the Shining Night

Navjarmaahr - The Fangs of the Shining Night

Black Metal.
...from the freezing winds, from the broken fragments of glacial night, from the shreds of the verses and songs... The Young Blood of Russian Black Metal ...where the mighty oaks sing like old gallows... The new wolfish chants ...and the masks of the ancient Gods are laughing in the eternal dark... Above the graves of thousand immortal ones... Behold... The Fangs of the Shining Night. 
Probably the most poweful album on whole Russian Black Metal scene during the last few years.

1 Лавиной Крови
2 Глаза
3 Intro: Мать Ветров
4 Мать Ветров
5 Да Навстречу Ветрам Необузданным
6 Над Могилами Тысяч Бессмертных
7 Шторм! Вой! Ветра Свист!
8 Сны Приходят
9 Outro

Hexenhammer Records, Au-to-dafe

11 EUR