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Navjarmaahr | G.A.R.M. - Nightside Chants

Navjarmaahr | G.A.R.M. - Nightside Chants

Black Metal.
Russian Atmospheric Black Metal in vein of BlazeBirth Hall.
First three tracks are "Moonlight Rehearsal 2014" by NAVJARMAAHR, second three - "Illr-Ville-Ond" by G.A.R.M. (project of DJUR leader and KZOHH member). All track are remastered.

1 –Navjarmaahr Ненастье 5:11
2 –Navjarmaahr Колени в мозолях 3:15
3 –Navjarmaahr Вопрошай неизведанного! (Ритуалы) 4:29
4 –G.A.R.M. Gapsang 5:22
5 –G.A.R.M. Come Death! 5:06
6 –G.A.R.M. I am the Void... I am the Pestilence... 6:52

Der Schwarze Tod.
12 EUR