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Meti Bhuvah - Meti Bhuvah

Meti Bhuvah - Meti Bhuvah

Raw Black Metal.
The Karelian band METI BHUVAH with their debut opus presents us a 13-song album of primitive and raw Black Metal. The religion of ILDJARN is alive! You think it’s easy to write simple songs? Perhaps it’s really easy but not everyone can animate their rage this way! Frenzied vibe! Storm on the Onega! For fans of Iljarn.

1. Above All
2. Dirt
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Winter I
5. Winter II
6. Purification
7. Meti Bhuvah
9. Winter III
10. Punishment
11. Sola Skjultes (Ildjarn)
12. Minnesjord VI (Ildjarn)
13. Epilogue

CD, ltd. 333.
The Howl
11 EUR