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Meti Bhuvah - II

Meti Bhuvah - II

Raw Black Metal.
13 tracks of the blackest foul malice as cold razors tickle the veins of common basis of human degeneration. Observations, visions and violent vomit. Difficult to imagine what the follow-up could be as the style is rather manifold and it seemed really a difficult task to create at least 30 minutes of such material. As time showed they coped with the task perfectly! I think that this new portion of dirt will enrapture fans of the style and those ones who appreciated the first album. RAW FUCKIN’ BM for fans of Iljarn.

01. Immersion
02. Desire
03. Pleasure
04. Blood, Flames and Ice
05. Delight
06. Absolute Emptiness
07. Singing
08. It’s all the same
09. Emptiness II
10. Elite
11. Lodestar
12. Karelian Forest
13. The 13th vision

The Howl
11 EUR