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Mütiilation - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)

Mütiilation - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)

Raw Black Metal.
Reissue of 3rd Mutiilation album from 2001. The legendary The Black Legions (Les Légions Noires); cult French Black Metal. This is an official rerelease of 'Black Millenium' approved by Meyhnach!

I. The Eggs Of Melancholy 5:20
II. New False Prophet 6:58
III. The Hanged Priest 5:12
IV. Inferi Ira Ductus 3:53
V. Curse My Funeral 5:16
VI. A Dream 1:59
VII. Black Millenium 5:00
VIII. No Mercy For Humans 4:19
IX. Black As Lead And Death 5:22
X. Untitled 0:43

Dark Adversary Productions
14 EUR