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Lashblood - UnBeing

Lashblood - UnBeing

Avantgarde Black Metal.
Second full album from excellent Russian avant-garde, extreme blackened metal act. They plunge to new depths of self-flagellation and talk about the diverse existential world around them. This ode to inhumanity is as uncompromising and extreme as it gets. File next to Dodheimsgard and Arcturus. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak with booklet. Sold out from the label!

1 Frenzy
2 Slow Snow
3 The Name Of My Melancholy
4 To The Rest...
5 Temptation Of Judas
6 Kaleidoscope Grey Heaven
7 13
8 UnBeing

CD, digipak. Aesthetic Death Records, S.N.D. Production.
12 EUR