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Kurbonsho - Vahan Songs

Kurbonsho - Vahan Songs

Primordial Aryan Folklore | Ethno.
This is absolutely unique ethnographic records made by Andrey Bulin (Vishudha Kali) during his expedition to Pamir in 2004. It was the expedition to discover Pamir Higlands music tradition. Natives consider Kurbonsho as a prime singer and a poet nowadays. He lives in hard-to-reach village in wild ferine place - Vahan (Wakhan Corridor - narrow area between Tajikistan and Afghanistan). No electricity, no roads are there. Villagers say he will no sing for outlanders but record though was made. Vahan region is still closed for Europeans de facto untill today. This is first audio CD with Vahan music that has never been released. Kurbonsho sings on Vahan language. It is contemporary for Sanskrit language and as well as Sanskrit is on of the oldest languages. Musically this disk is melodious, ariose and close to the russian folklore. Music is nice, lyric and altogether not strange or unfamiliar for European listener.

1 Untitled 8:33
2 Untitled 3:32
3 Untitled 2:11
4 Untitled 2:50
5 Untitled 4:18
6 Untitled 1:37
7 Untitled 1:37
8 Untitled 5:26
9 Untitled 3:10
10 Untitled 5:02
11 Untitled 1:30
12 Untitled 1:55
13 Untitled 8:00
14 Untitled 5:37
15 Untitled 4:52
16 Untitled 2:57

CD, A5 Hardcover digibook, ltd. 700.
Black soil

14 EUR