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Karna - Circle of Nav

Karna - Circle of Nav

Dark Ambient|Industrial.
Subjective: one of the best albums of this project, created by KARNA ever. The first and absolutely otherworldly, lost and lifeless piece of the TRIPTYCH. The labyrinth without exit … a life without meaning, moving shadows, embodied in a cruel, cold and dark Industrial/Harsh/Ambient monument. Shuffles razors, destroys the sounds and summoning otherworldly voices. Cemetery of hopes. For fans of ABRUPTUM, BEHERIT and VELEHENTOR.

1 Empty Shadows 6:50
2 Kosmosis 6:37
3 Tei Zar Mor Thneih 8:43
4 Navi Labyrinth 7:13
5 Flat Fields Of The Outworld 8:41
6 Sun Sword Out 7:25
7 Crypt Of Our Eyes 15:50

10 EUR