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Hamnskifte - Födzlepijnan

Hamnskifte - Födzlepijnan

Black Metal | Folk | Drone Doom | Ambient.
First record from a mysterious Swedish duo, whose sound is inspired by, according to the band themselves, Burzum, Earth, Skepticism, Nortt and Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg. Drone and ultimately slow meditative Black Metal with hypnotic medieval folk melodies recorded with guitars, drums, bass, organ, bodhran drum, bells and some self-invented percussion instruments.

1 Untitled 1:10
2 Ther Skall Wara Gråt Och Tandagnisslan 7:48
3 Wäsende 4:33
4 Foglarna Warda Fångna Medh Snaror 10:03
5 Dageligh Beredelse Emoot Döden 6:12
6 Uthi Thet Ytterste Mörckret 12:12

CD, digisleeve, ltd. ~1000.

11 EUR