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Fleurety - Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporánea [7"EP]

Fleurety - Fragmenta Cuinsvis Aetatis Contemporánea [7"EP]

Avantgarde Black Metal.
After a rather lengthy period between EPs, the flowery Norwegian demon Fleurety is back with their eighth release, aside from the early demos. These guys have been at it since ‘93 but they’ve changed quite a bit from the black metal days of their ’95 debut album, Min Tid Skal Komme and moved into something a bit more poppy, different and female oriented which as you’d expect, alienated a lot of black metal fans. Even today, 00’s Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs is a bit of a strange listen, even in avantgarde standards. It’s just a little different than what people would have expected at the time, which is possibly why the band have tried for years since to add their black metal elements back into the mix in the form of these four EPs. This short and oddly numbered album (I have just two tracks here with the numbers “08” and “09” next to them, but 01-07 are completely absent) is exactly the kind of music I’d expect from the band, but it still feels as if something is missing. Perhaps it’s just too short for such a long break in between.
The first track “Consensus” sounds like a traditional black metal disc, but after it had been thrown into the washer and wound up warped due to being water-logged. There’s even a sound effect in place here that worried me for a second, as I thought my computer froze during the piece. It has happened before with Win10, so to hear that hefty stuttering effect again was quite dreadful. The latter portion of the song picks up more melody as well as what sounds like a gargling demon in the background and some weird horns. It slowly starts to build an atmosphere and the drumming really lends well to that. As warped as this piece sounds, it’s pretty spectacular. There are guitar nodes here that sound at times quite airy and even a little romantic, but with the odd approach to drumming and electronics, you get a surprisingly weird feeling. I almost feel as though this was music not literally made for human consumption, but for that of beings from a completely different planet or dimension entirely. I actually think the next big space exploration company should use this particular track to communicate with extraterrestrial beings that may exist in far off galaxies, because they might be able to use it to communicate to these beings in ways that words cannot.
The second and final track “Carnal Nations” is a little bit more restrained. There’s less electronic distortion here, but much more melody. It almost feels like a night sky in it’s contemplative nature. The way that guitars and chiptunes are utilized midway is also quite unique and feels like something could come from it. It feels very progressive, but it also feels like it might be lacking something. I’ve heard the last few Fleurety EPs and some of them were quite raw, so it was tough to discern as to what in the hell they were actually trying to do. Yet on this EP, it’s starting to feel like these guys finally have a firm grip on both a song structure and style that they could incorporate on a new and long-awaited full-length. All that this EP release has shown me is that Fleurety still have plenty of music in them, and it’s far more than can be experienced within the approximate twelve minutes that this disc runs. Granted it looks to be on vinyl 7” and will be great for collectors, but some of us are kind of waiting for more than ten or twelve minutes of music from these great musicians. If nothing else, they should at least have a chance to show the world that they can build a better beast and have more to offer than the awkwardness brought on by Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs nearly twenty years ago. Fleurety aren’t getting any younger and from the looks of this one, there may very well be no better time than now for a proper third full-length from one of metal’s most interesting and overlooked bands.

A1 Consensus 6:16
B1 Carnal Nations 6:06

4th in the Fleurety 7" series. Limited to 666 copies. Comes with sticker.
7", 45 RPM, EP, Limited Edition
Aesthetic Death Records
6.50 EUR