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Falgar - La Dama Del Alba

Falgar - La Dama Del Alba

Falgar - La Dama Del Alba
Atmopsheric Black Metal.
Conceptual album based on the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, the protector of wild animals and the goddess of the hunt. Great Black Metal with epic, memorable melodies and savage pagan spirit; cold, raw, trance and meditative, in vein of Burzum's early albums, old Russian Blazebirth Hall bands and Drudkh.

1. Invocación 01:11
2. La Dama Del Alba 06:57
3. Renacimiento 06:25
4. Seguiré 05:46
5. Fango y Frío 05:11
6. Laberintos 05:54
7. Artemisa 06:25

CD, 6-panel digipack, ltd.300.
CD, jewel-case, 8-page booklet, ltd.00.
10 EUR