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Candelabrum - Necrotelepathy [LP]

Candelabrum - Necrotelepathy [LP]

Raw Black Metal.
Altare Productions is proud to present the debut album of Candelabrum, Necrotelepathy. Hailing from the raw black metal hotbed of Portugal, Candelabrum built a sizable reputation last year in the underground with a trio of demo tapes. However, whereas those three demos were primarily slow-tempo black metal with a simultaneously majestic/morbid atmosphere, Necrotelepathy is something else altogether - and a triumph of total otherworldliness.
Comprising two epic-length, side-long tracks, Necrotelepathy brims with a complexity of not just composition, but more so texture. To start, the deliberately blistering, in-the-red rawness imparts both a sense of unorthodox "wrongness" and almost exaggerated nakedness. However, such a soundfield is sincere in its intent, as Candelabrum wield it much like another instrument in a manner similar to cult countrymen Black Cilice: the mesmerizing qualities inherent in the band's black metal are intensified to a literally out-of-this-world extent that severs it completely from normal "metalhead" metal or, most especially, the more social-oriented ends of "black metal."
But at heart, Candelabrum are songwriters. The two twisting journeys that constitute Necrotelepathy weave and wind through myriad explosions of emotion - some extended for maximum hypnosis, of course - that are all generously suffused with a yearning, stargazing sort of melodicism. It's the sort comparable to the darker corners of classic Norwegian black metal like Kvist, Hades, and early Manes, but when filtered through such a beyond-harsh recording style, a certain shimmering quality emerges, and hauntingly so. Not surprisingly, the album lyrically deals with out-of-body experiences, contact with the dead, and the vastness of the beyond. Indeed, it's that lattermost subject that forms the wings on which Necrotelepathy takes flight - and with it, the listener himself/herself. (Text by Nathan Birk)

A Necrotelepathy Part I - Distant Voices in the Darkest Night 17:23
B Necrotelepathy Part II - Prayers for the Damnation of Man 16:23

Repress with regular glued outersleeve and printed labels.

Black vinyl, Altare Productions.
25 EUR