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Black Cilice - Curses and Oaths

Black Cilice - Curses and Oaths

Raw Black Metal.
Altare presents "Curses and Oaths", a 2 CD compilation merging "Old Curses" and "Old Oaths" compilations (all demo, split and ep tracks from 2008 to 2013). All tracks are presented chronologically. It comes with a 60 page A5 book featuring artworks, unreleased photos and an interview. The cds are presented in a folded A5 insert. Numbered edition.

1-1 Invoking Ancient Evil
1-2 A New Order For A New Holocaust
1-3 Sacrifice Everything
1-4 Diseased And Left To Rot
1-5 War Against The Living
1-6 Superior Knowledge
1-7 Summoning Occult Sorcery
1-8 Covering My Hands With Blood
1-9 Empire Of Extermination
1-10 Satanic Pestilence
1-11 Turn To Ashes...
1-12 Verses From The Abyss
1-13 Promise Of Endless Fire
1-14 Rites Of Diabolic Cruelty
1-15 The Call Of Black Magic
1-16 To Murder, Part I
1-17 To Murder, Part II
1-18 Crawling Through Bloodsoaked Chambers
2-1 Tomb Of Endless Curses
2-2 I Am The Eternal Fire Part I
2-3 I Am The Eternal Fire Part II
2-4 The Remains Of A Malign Past
2-5 Cursed Words Of Fire And Blood
2-6 The Fetid Stench Of Burnt Rats
2-7 Nocturnal Deambulations
2-8 A Scepter To Rule The Dead
2-9 Moon Of Murder
2-10 Lunar Mantle
2-11 Telepathic Ceremony
2-12 Gathering Human Bones

2xCD, Numbered, Book. Altare Productions.
32.50 EUR